Instructional Technology

Our goal is to help the teachers of Polk County Public Schools to integrate technology into their classrooms.

End of Year 2020

As you are closing out this school year, please note that all Focus-Created Microsoft Teams will be deleted on July 10, 2020. However, Teacher – created Microsoft Teams and Google Classrooms will not be deleted, but may be archived for use next school year. For information on archiving and saving class material before your classes are deleted, please see the following documents: End of Year Procedures: Microsoft Teams or End of Year Procedures: Google Classroom.

Supported Schools

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Online Self-Paced Professional Development

We have several online professional learning opportunities for teachers covering a variety of instructional technology topics.

In-Person Training

We offer a variety of in-person training sessions that can be scheduled through your school’s TRST. These topics are also covered in workshops held at JMPDC.